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5WHYS Core

1/2-day workshop or
1/2-day online session

Students are introduced to the origins of 5WHYS a century ago, its use in Toyota and the ideas of Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman* that explain why is 5WHYS so powerful.




Students are taught special techniques that help them identify problems suitable for 5WHYS, and skills to recognise which team members must be involved to deliver a success.

Learn how to take a fresh look to find many unresolved issues that are within your scope to remedy. Learn to create a 5WHYS that flows logically.


3-Ways Test

The 3-WAYS test improves the logical framework built by the 5WHYS. It is used in interactive break out groups to work through case studies. Test causes for flow: Work backwards and forwards across the 5WHYS. Test causes for evidence: look for evidence that proves each cause was actually present.

Understand the Side-effects

Evaluate implemented solutions. Solutions should always solve the problem and produce good side effects. Good solutions help, or at least, do no harm.


RCA2GO, Powerful & smart assistant

RCA2GO, powerful yet easy to use web-based issue management software is used throughout the training. With the RCA2GO, developed to work across different teams, business units & geographic locations, students & instructors can work interactively on all problems, regardless of location



  • Understanding of what types of problems can be addressed with the 5WHYS and how to assemble a successful team, in-house or remotely.
  • A solid understanding of how to apply the 5WHYS to record, update & resolve everyday issues.
  • Building better 5WHYS with tests, to reach deeper understanding of the problem.
  • Boosting confidence in problem solving and a great sense of teamwork.
  • Improved sharing of solutions and acquired knowledge with other teams & business units that struggle with similar problems.



Zoom is used as the platform for online video conferencing. You will need a computer with online access, as well as with video and audio support. Zoom can be viewed straight from the web browser so there is no need for special software download.
The web-based RCA2GO issue management software and your login will be provided. Training manual and a PDF of worksheets for the course will provided as well. You will need to have a writing pad, post-it notes, marker and pen. And your favourite cup of coffee.



This course is applicable to anyone who wants to learn how to use formal problem solving methods to solve problems of all complexities.
Training in Australasia
RCA Rt Training Courses in English language are conducted in partnership with SIRF Roundtables. Both online and on-location training courses are available. SIRF Roundtables is Australasia’s oldest and largest premier business improvement network with 300+ member companies.
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Training in the Americas
RCA Rt Online Training Courses in Spanish language are conducted in partnership with RCA Rt Americas. Both online and on-site training courses are available.
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