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RCA Rt Training Courses

12STEPS Root Cause Analysis + Cause Tree

2-day workshop or
6 x 2.5 hrs online sessions

12STEPS RCA + Cause Tree is industry leading Root Cause Analysis training course and methodology. The premier problem solving tool for all industries, and for problems of the highest order of complexity. With online training options, it is even easier for you to participate and begin problem solving.


2.5 hrs



You only have to find 2.5 hrs (150 minutes) out of your day for each session. There are no travel expenses involved, no worry about accommodation, parking hassle or meals expenses (apart from your favourite cup of coffee).

We are very excited because virtual courses open up opportunities to facilitate short daily sessions (2.5 hrs each). Whether you are in an office at work, in a remote location, at a restricted access site, working from home or elsewhere, you can accomplish our problem-solving courses and receive your certificate. Start time will be the same for each session.

Each session is run via Zoom meeting. Three sessions cover the RCA Rt 12STEPS theory, and three sessions will be work on your real current unsolved problem; that will be your business case. We are now including the RCA2GO software as part of the course; it comes with a very long free trial period to ensure you have the best experience from the online training, and learn to use problem solving software for yourself.

The program is delivered across six sections.

Each section is one session. It comes with a mixture of: slide-shows, videos, discussions, breakout sessions, homework between sessions and software training. Two sessions per week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, beginning at the same time



The aim of this session is to learn to:
  • clearly define the problem, so that it is understood by everyone
  • start data collection
  • assess impact and prioritise work
  • verify containment actions
The aim of this session is to learn to:
  • gather evidence,
  • arrange the raw data to show patterns,
  • identify possible causes, and
  • understand causal relationships so that suitable countermeasures may be chosen to overcome the problem defined in Session 1.
The aim of this session is to learn to:
  • generate solutions,
  • implement necessary changes,
  • ensure that the changes are effective, and
  • become a permanent part of the system.

Understand the Side-effects

Evaluate implemented solutions. Solutions should always solve the problem and produce good side effects. Good solutions help, or at least, do no harm.


12STEPS Root Cause Analysis + Cause Tree with RCA2GO software

RCA2GO software is a true champion for effective management and solving of even the most complex problems. If your problem solving needs simple 5WHYS, or perhaps Root Cause Analysis, Cause Trees, Risk Management, Brainstorming models, robust reporting, etc., RCA2GO has them all. Powerful, yet easy to use, this web-based software is used throughout the training. RCA2GO is developed to work across different teams, business units & geographic locations. It allows students & instructors to work interactively on all problems, regardless of their whereabouts.



  • Training develops new skills that significantly increase productivity.
  • Increased profitability & competitiveness.
  • Enriched culture of Continuous Improvement.
  • Stronger teamwork & learning.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Reduced impacts on safety, health, environment & quality.
  • Reduced down-times.
  • More efficient use of resources.
  • Heightened morale.
  • Improved job satisfaction & productivity.
  • Tremendous Return on Investment.



Zoom is used as the platform for online video conferencing. You will need a computer with online access, as well as with video and audio support. Zoom can be viewed straight from the web browser so there is no need for special software download.
The web-based RCA2GO issue management software and your login will be provided. Training manual and a PDF of worksheets for the course will provided as well. You will need to have a writing pad, post-it notes, marker and pen. And your favourite cup of coffee.



This course is applicable to anyone who wants to learn how to use formal problem solving methods to solve problems of all complexities.
Training in Australasia
RCA Rt Training Courses in English language are conducted in partnership with SIRF Roundtables. Both online and on-location training courses are available. SIRF Roundtables is Australasia’s oldest and largest premier business improvement network with 300+ member companies.
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Training in the Americas
RCA Rt Online Training Courses in Spanish language are conducted in partnership with RCA Rt Americas. Both online and on-site training courses are available.
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When you enroll RCA Rt training, you enjoy the fruits of decades of best problem solving practices and training, employed by and trusted by thousands of people in leading organisations. You get best of the best.