Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Problem Solving

Revolutionise Root Cause Analysis with Artificial Intelligence
The Ultimate Brainstorming Tool.

Root Cause Analysis is a critical process for identifying the underlying causes of an event or problem. But it can be challenging to think of all the possible causes that may have led to the event. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in.


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Using AI as a brainstorming tool for Root Cause Analysis has numerous benefits. One is its ability to generate creative ideas quickly and easily, allowing you to be creative and not constrained by local experiences.
AI-powered brainstorming tools can help facilitate and generate innovative ideas during Root Cause Analysis. By using AI, you can leverage the power of natural language processing to explore all possible causes and generate creative solutions..

Accuracy & reliability

With AI, Root Cause Analysis becomes more accurate and effective. It points to the true root causes of a problem faster, enabling quicker response time.
AI leverages the power of natural language processing to explore all possible causes and generate innovative solutions. It leads you to a more comprehensive understanding of the problem. Additionally, AI boosts collaboration among team members, helping you to work together to identify root causes and develop solutions that work.
By using AI for Root Cause Analysis, you can streamline the process, save time and effort, and achieve more accurate and reliable results.

For several years AI has been used to monitor the causes of failure to minimise loss and maximise results.
1. General Electric used AI to identify the root cause of equipment failure in their wind turbines by identifying patterns and anomalies that indicated impending failure, allowing them to proactively replace components and prevent costly downtime.
2. ExxonMobil, an oil and gas company, used AI to improve the reliability of their refinery equipment by predicting when components were likely to fail and proactively replacing them. It helped reduce downtime and e the overall reliability of their operations.
3. Komatsu, a manufacturer of heavy equipment, used AI to improve the efficiency of their mining trucks to optimize the routes the trucks took, reducing fuel consumption and improving overall efficiency.
Recent advances in generative AI tools allow an interactive approach to the identification of possible causes and problem-solving. It is revolutionising the approach to brainstorming.


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