Capture 5WHYS Information

Capture 5WHYS Information

The 5WHYS process, made famous by Toyota, provides an incredibly easy and powerful technique for "first responders" to deal with problems. People close to the issue, seeing first hand the symptoms, gather invaluable information that is too often lost. Luckily, modern phones and tablets provide a solution. 

Combine 5WHYS, Risk and RCA to optimize problem solving

Problems come in all shapes and sizes. Obviously it would be too expensive to apply the most complex solution process to every problem. It is best to start with a simple process and escalate if needed and if justified. This article presents a simple approach to bring it all together which minimises cost while maximising outcomes for the organisation and personnel.


RCA Rt courses are designed to help organisations address problems of different complexity and risk. 5WHYS+A3, 12STEPS Root Cause Analysis + CauseTree and 7 Quality Tools courses are available. Read more ❯

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